LLama foodie network

Our vision is to connect foodies together; and foodies with the restaurants they love.  We started out with creating an iPhone app to help foodies search for the best dishes nearby which other foodies also recommended.  We also connect with restaurants to help them promote their dishes to the foodie community.

LLama app: a search engine for dishes

Every time you open the app, it will show you the recommended dishes nearby.  Our simple and fun app allows you to find amazing dishes every time.  The more time you save finding food, the less time you spend being hangry!  LLama allows users to rate dishes, not the restaurants.  Restaurant reviews are usually crowded with unnecessary reviews that can be time consuming to comb through.  We eliminate that.


How did it all start?

Back in 2012, Minh took a trip to Vietnam. He was craving authentic Bun Bo Hue but had no idea where to find a restaurant with the best Bun Bo Hue in his area.  At that time, there were no review apps for food in Vietnam.  It took him a while, but he eventually found out where the best Bun Bo Hue in Saigon was. Even though the dish was delicious, Minh found the process time consuming.

After getting back to the States, Minh started building an app to help people find the best dishes near them.  Knowing what to eat and not where to eat is the problem LLama solves.  We hope that you find LLama useful in finding the best dishes near you!

Services for restaurant owners

YesLLama team also provide social media advertising and management for restaurants.

You might have already noticed some customers, before placing their order, while sitting at the table, instead of looking at the menu, they would look at their phone. They would look for the dishes which others would recommend. As foodies ourselves, our team understand that and have found an effective way to tackle online marketing based on the simple human’s tendency: we rather trust what we can see, hear or touch.

Advertising a restaurant as a whole is less effective. People want to see the dishes that you serve, how good they are and what others say about them. We advertise straight to the point. When hungry: what to eat, then where to eat next.