Where do we get our data from?

We source images from Foursquare and Instagram via their public APIs. We do not save any of this information on our servers. We also have our own data which have been uploaded by LLama users.

How to claim your dish image?

The images uploaded on Foursquare and Instagram are public unless the owner made them private. The terms of use on Foursquare and Instagram allow us to display images and comments unless the owner made their account or picture private.

If you do not want your images on LLama we completely understand. Please reach out to us and we will remove the image from our database. Please allow up to 3 business days for us to process your request.

On the flip side, we can use your Foursquare or Instagram information to make a LLama account! That way you’ll already have dishes and reviews on your LLama account.