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Social Media Marketing

On LLama!

We provide social media marketing for restaurants focusing on dishes. Your dishes will be promoted on the LLama app. We are looking at traffic of approximately 500 visits per day in the Bay Area alone!  This will guarantee foodies on our network will see your dishes when they are nearby or when they are searching for food.

Across the platforms

We will advertise your restaurant’s dishes across multiple social media platforms targeting the right audience that matters to your restaurant the most. They include: our LLama dish network, Facebook, Instagram, …

For example, we will advertise your dishes on the LLama app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram to people who are interested in good food, especially in the cuisines that your restaurant is known for – within a 12-mile radius from your restaurant (San Francisco, South San Francisco, San Bruno, Daly City, …)

A local restaurant, for instance, can promote just to the zip codes where it draws from. It can even target specific age groups and sex. Best of all, you can target those customers during the time that they are most likely to buy; for instance, you can display your ads just before and during the lunch and dinner hours. And if your Facebook campaign isn’t getting the desired results, there’s no long-term commitment. You can cancel at any time.

How does it work?

Dish’s story

We will work with you in person to select the dishes you are proud to serve. From there, we will work together to write up the story of each dish. This will add a personal touch to your dishes. A very important chemistry that is usually missing between chefs and customers. Customers always love to hear a backstory of the dishes they will like to eat.


You can send us a delicious looking picture of each dish you want to promote. If you don’t have them ready, no worries, we can come over and take them for you.

Putting it together

You will be presented with the final version of the ad (with a picture and description) You can review and change it before launching. You can also change it anytime during the ad campaign.

Seeing results


We will send you view and engagement analytic reports periodically.

Learn more about types of reports

Example screenshots and statistics

Examples for Facebook ad’s screenshot and stats

Examples for Instagram engagement stats

Contact us

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions. You can contact either Minh or Lih any time.

  • Minh Reigen (Execution, Technology, Operations)
  • Lih Seng Goh (PR, Marketing, Customer Service Manager, Operations)