We are all about good food!

Our Story

We’re three really passionate foodies from California embarking on a journey to create THE BEST food app. Living in the Bay Area, we’re #blessed with some of the best dishes in the world. From authentic cuisines to fusion foods, we have it all!

The story of LLama starts with Minh during a trip to Vietnam. He was craving Bun Bo Hue but had no idea where to find it. Without the help of a food review app, it took him a while to find the best Bun Bo Hue in Saigon. This was the lightbulb moment for Minh! 💡

When Minh got back, he assembled a team of hungry, passionate foodies (that’s us: Brandon and Lih!) to build the best food app EVER!! We built LLama with a vision to help people find the best dishes near them. A question we find many people asking is always “what do you want to eat?” not “where do you want to eat?”

LLama finds you what to eat, not where.

Why “LLama”?

On Minh’s first trip to San Francisco for a job interview at Twistage, he and his wife traveled to Half Moon Bay for a picnic where he saw a llama. Yes, really. Since then, the llama and the Bay Area became synonymous to Minh.

When considering the name for our app, we chose LLama because of Minh’s story and because the llama is a very social and curious animal. Llamas live in herds of up to 20, grazing together to discover the next best patch of grass. We adopted this spirit to create the collaborative and adventurous spirit of our app to help discover the best dishes near you.

Fun fact: Llamas have an excellent sense of smell, eyesight and hearing. All important senses to find the best dishes!