Bruce Wang


CTO at Brightergy, a tech entrepreneur and seed investor, who relocated from Silicon Valley to KC after Perceptive Software (now Lexmark Enterprise Software) acquired the company he co-founded. He ran Lexmark Enterprise Software’s Global Cloud Services team and recently joined Brightergy to oversee their technology and software strategy. His team builds Brighterlink, a cloud-based Energy Intelligence and IoT platform.

Bruce is a foodie and a travel enthusiast. He loves eating like a local and can eat everything from street food to 3 Michelin star restaurants and everything in between.

Brandon Dinh

Founder - CTO

He setup a new branch for his last company from scratch. He went to Vietnam, rented the office, hired developers and staffs (20 people), and put them together as a strong team. The office has been growing strongly and becoming one of the main resources providing talents for U.S. headquarter.

Brandon loves to travel and photography.

Lih Goh

Founder - Social & User Communications

Lih has work experience in San Francisco, London, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Currently interested in how technology is used to leverage human relationships.

Lih loves food and traveling.

Minh Reigen

Founder - Chief Taste Tester

Minh takes care of the execution of the company's project. He wrote the first lines of code and is in charge of the back-end APIs, servers, data management, etc...

Minh loves to cook, travel and try out new dishes. He also likes to build, drive and fly things. He earned his private pilot license in 2016, so if you can't find him at his work station, he's probably busy flying his family and friends around the San Francisco Bay Area.