LLama's Top Foodies 2017


Ben's dishes

It is our pleasure to have Ben, a famous food blogger, contributed his beautiful pictures to the community.  Please check out his food photography blog Focus:Snap:Eat for more of his awesome food photos!

Ben Seto aka The Single Guy got his start in the food blogosphere when he created Cooking With the Single Guy in 2006. Five years later, he refocused his blogging experience to showcase his love of food photography with Focus:Snap:Eat. For more than 10 years, he’s been eating around the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, all for his food blog fans.

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Do you want to improve your food photography skill? If the answer is yes then you should listen to his podcast in which he shares some tips about food photography.

Nick's dishes

Nick is a foodie from the sunny Southern California.  He loves to eat and travel, and everything in between.  Nick works in an office by day, but he would transform into an awesome cook by night.  He will enjoy any kind of cuisines, but he has the biggest love for Japanese and Indian dishes!

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foodietarian's dishes

Elizabeth has been sharing her “foodieventures” since 2014!

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Glen's dishes

Glen is a foodie from SF Bay Area. He loves different kinds of cuisines especially  Mexican, Italian, Peruvian, Japanese, American BBQ, Thai and Vietnamese.  Glen is a engineer specialized in support and dev-ops.  If you can’t find him in his office, most likely he is traveling around the world and busy snapping photos of a delicious dish!

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Lo-an's dishes

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“Gore likes to eat and his camera does too 🍣 #gorepicurious “

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